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Former phd Students

Nicole Taylor

University of Arizona - Constructing gendered identities through discourse: Body image, exercise, food consumption, and teasing practices among adolescents (2006)

Trenna Valado

Brian Adams-Thies

Becky Schulthies

Thea Strand

Michael Wroblewski

Claudia Francom

Mary Good

Ashley Stinnett

Maisa Taha

University of Arizona - Factors influencing homeless people's perception and use of urban space (2007)

University of Arizona - Perimeters, performances and perversity: The creation and success of a gay community in Madrid, Spain (2009)

University of Arizona - The social circulation of media scripts and collaborative meaning-making in Moroccan and Lebanese family discourse (2009)

University of Arizona - Varieties in dialogue: Dialect use and change in rural Valdres, Norway (2010)

University of Arizona - Voices of contact: Politics of language in urban Amazonian Ecuador (2012)

University of Arizona - Análisis sociolingüístico de eleccion de lengua en encuentros de servicio: Una perspectiva etnográfica y experimental (2012)

University of Arizona - Modern moralities, moral modernities: Ambivalence and change among youth in Tonga (2012)

University of Arizona -  Dissertation: 'Blood-talk': A language network analysis of English speaking heritage butchers in the southwestern United States (2014)

University of Arizona - Cultivating <i>convivencia:</i> Youth and democratic education in southeast Spain (2014)

Lori Labotka

University of Arizona - Healthy, beautiful hair: Cultivating the self in a women's prison (2014)

Joon-Beom Chu

University of Arizona - Barring the unsound: Knowledge, language, and agency in the evaluation of law students in mock trial competitions (2015)

Dana Osborne

Negotiating the hierarchy of languages in Ilocandia: The social and cognitive implications of massive multilingualism in the Philippines (2015)

Mariska Bolyanatz

University of California, Los Angeles - Dissertation: Plural Production and Perception in Santiago Spanish (2017)

Franny Brogan

University of California, Los Angeles - Dissertation: Sociophonetically-based phonology: An Optimality Theoretic account of /s/ lenition in Salvadoran Spanish (2018)

Molly Bloom

Thick Sociality: Community, Disability, and Language in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation (Ph.D dissertation)

Former Predoctoral and postdoctoral visitors

Robert Lawson

Catrin Lundström

Sean Hendricks

current phd students

Tyanna Slobe

Wesley Wilson

Zia Khoshsirat

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